Useful info

  • Where to eat
    Three very good restaurants are located in the 250 m radius from our guesthouse.
    Storja pod stopnicami being maybe the best choice for great breakfasts/lunches/dinners. They also offer great local wine and beer choices. Being the nearest one it’s the most popular with our guests,
    Pizzerija & spaghetteria Minutka – a nice restaurant offering Serbian and Italian cousine,
    Proteus – a tourist restaurant in the city centre square offeres a variety of tourist menus and a-la-carte orders.


  • Where to drink or have a coffee/tea/croissant
    Allegro – A mere 30 metres from us. Local people come there for a coffee or tea before and for a beer after work 🙂 A nice way to start and end the day.
    There are also a couple of bars in the main city centre square.